Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GE asks for a review & then declines the truth

GE rejects my review they asked for - stating 'It cannot be published to the website.'  It's not a bad review it just gives the facts, i would never recommend this dishwasher. 

Even their microwave is making noises after a few months and the 'new' dryer made horrible noises when we moved in that it had to be replaced. Shoddy work & overpriced repairs and parts is why most people replace their appliances, but don't expect much from GE. 


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Works but don't like prints
This came with our house, it was brand new and the top arm broke off and fell to the bottom & melted within the first month or so. After researching online it was easier to just buy another arm & install it rather than the vague comments from customer service who said they had to send a tech out to look at it. 

Online there's many comments of this being an issue, the arm is just lightly clicked on and isn't held on well. No reason of why it came off in the first place. Since our last d/w was over 6 yrs old, anything that washed and dried was appreciated. 

Sometimes the soap doesn't get dispensed even though the clip part opened. Also don't like the water and fingerprint marks on the front SS finish. other than that it's an average d/w. Although I do like that the racks are deeper than our old one to fit larger pots and cups on both top and bottom drawers.

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