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Over the years there has been one thing consistent in my life and that is the love of all things related to food. Born and raised in Hawai'i - family ('ohana) gatherings consisted of playing with cousins, hanging out at the beach or someone's home and food - lots of it, bbq, all the Pacific-Asian mix of Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino and every other group that was hanai-ed (adopted) into our clan.

We had a potluck every weekend with at least eight of my dad's ten siblings (most lived on the same island). Whenever we would visit my mom's side on Maui, (ten kids, tons of cousins) of the family we had super huge luau's (family food party/gatherings) for no other reason than to hang out together because we were family. I guess food in one part means family. My parents would cook dinner every night, with enough for leftovers and enough "just in case someone dropped in" and then some to give to them to take home! We didn't have a lot but my family grew up as farmers and plantation workers - they always had enough and shared whenever they could, it's part of our culture - you never go to someone's home empty-handed.

Along the way my interest and love for all things food - expanded with my travels, learning about new cultures and people. There's one thing that I've learned in my travels, food not only is a means to continue to live but it is a daily thing that brings people together - for fellowship, to take a moment to be thankful, to learn, to grow, to inquire and inspire. The Bible often talks about people who would gather and break bread together - to fellowship, to share a common meal, to sharing with one another from what they may need.

So for now, this is the start of sharing all things related to food: the pictures, the stories, the culture, the meaning, the fellowship, the recipes - welcome to my life as a foodie.

Monica Lehua is a freelance writer.

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