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Kid's Favorite Food List at Trader Joe's

A Kid's Wishlist at Trader Joe's

Opening Day: Trader Joe's has finally arrived in Orlando - Winter Park

Yippee! Yes, Trader Joe's has finally arrived in Orlando, FL - in Winter Park to be specific. The grand opening was held on Friday, June 27, 2014 a day that many in Orlando counted down and stood in line for at least a half hour to get to a cashier. Hopefully the crowds will calm down by the time the other stores in the  shopping center that share the parking spaces open.

Comments for pictures are below each photo.

At first I thought this cool sign said 19 cents a pound and wondered why the stand was so full but then got closer to realize it was EACH, but still I needed some so I bought me some bananas. They had organic ones also but I forget the cost. Everything looked awesome but it was so crowded I decided not to get any cold items as we were going to go on other errands, but we'll be back!

I noticed a sign that said 99 cents - it was a little round loaf about the size of my palm, we'll try to get a picture of the whole thing next time!

I didn't take this picture, I think the "kidd" was trying to hint and make a list for all the things she wants next trip; you'll see coming up the cheesey frozen items.

"Organic Hemp Protein powder"
I thought this one needed to be taken, hubby is looking for an alternative protein powder - too bad it doesn't have the full effects of pot. The reviews for both flavors are not good, I wouldn't get it for a kid or a hubby! It seems the powder doesn't blend well with any liquid and the smell and taste is less than desirable. I have a pretty good tolerance for "green" things so I guess this one just didn't cut it. Some reviewers say they would keep taking it for the health benefits; yet even when they blend it with soy or alternate milk, frozen fruit or fruit and ice it leaves the clumps of powder on the bottom of the cup, however for $10.99 in Orlando and Amazon selling it for $27.47 someone is making some bucks on this one.

Ah yes, the Kidd's grocery list - mozz sticks

Interesting Turkey Meatballs - she's usually into the red meat but she's preteen, she'll be more health conscious next year, I hope.

Trader Joe's Mac 'n Cheese
This is one of the favorite's on many lists that I've read about - kids and adults love this stuff and what's always great is that all - yes ALL - of the TJ product line are GMO FREE - great news and the prices are always awesome. I'll get some next trip when I bring the ice and cooler.

Oh my, they make this stuff at one of the restaurants that we go to and I'm sure it's super high in fat. I'll check the label next time but it's WAYYYY cheaper than getting it as an appetizer at that sit-down place we ate at.

Cheese food again? This kidd is wacky with the cheese stuff, fortunately she has her daddy's metabolism. 

Kidd wanted to try this, she looked at the label and it's "guilt free" because it uses plain yogurt - she's willing to try it so we bought a box. Wayyyyy cheaper again than the similar stuff at that place (whole foods) never need to go back there again. I'm so in heaven that we'll be having another Trader Joe's in the Dr. Phillip's area of Orlando - both stores are still half hour away but way better than the Tampa store which is our closest that is 90 minutes. "happy dance"

Kidd just started noticing the fun labels on TJ's products.

We didn't buy any of this but we love popcorn and got a $1.49 snack bag of TJs caramel popcorn - delish - um sorry, no picture we ate it on the way home and I don't know where it is now?! oh kidd???

TJ groupies love this
Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies oh and Dunkers
Opted to get the Joe Joe's cookies that look like Oreos this trip but will try these at another time.

I'm guessing someone wanted chocolate chip - I can see her list is growing.

Potato Gnocchi
Well, we won't be getting the Kidd the "Orange Vodka Sauce" as the sign says it's delicious with, however this is Italian pasta without cheese, wow!

Interesting, the Kidd didn't care for this one and she loves cookie batter, but I guess it wasn't batter like taste for her. We also got the Cookie & Cocoa Swirl version and she said she preferred that one but wasn't a fan. I'm not surprised, the Kidd is a finicky eater and it was sweet for me but I could eat it as a dessert or snack on a plain, unsalted cracker.

We saw this at the cashier's check out - it looked cool but I'm not into PB & J although it has raspberry, I would try it, just to try it. 

We were fascinated by the look of the gift card you could purchase so of course we took a pic!

I'll be posting reviews of the goodies that I bought on future posts. Another favorite is the penguin gummies! Thanks for stopping by! -ml

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